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In Case of Emergency

For Emergencies, Afterhours and Weekends

Call (501) 268-2705


Important Notice

If you have received a final notice (account 60 days past due), or if your service has been disconnected due to non-payment DO NOT PAY ONLINE!

Please call our office at (501) 268-2481, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to make a payment by phone with a credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover.


Due to unforeseen circumstances we are being forced to change our online payment system. Our current third-party vendor is getting out of the online payment business and has given us a very short time-frame to change systems. As of April 30th our current system will be inoperable. If you are currently using our online payment system, you will still be able to pay online but you will see some changes on the website. For a couple of months, you will simply enter your account information and payment amount then make your payment using credit card or bank account. You will not see amount owed or history information on the payment portal for a few months. Also, some features such as “re-occurring” payments (Autopay), and “eBills” will not be operational until we move to a new permanent site. A new, fully functional, payment portal will be ready sometime in late June or early July. We believe the new site will be an improvement to our current site, but it is just going to take a little time to get it fully operational.

Please be aware that if you are using our “Re-occurring” (Auto Pay) feature, this will not be operational after April 12th so any payment scheduled after that date will not be automatically made, so be sure to pay online or pay in person until this feature is available again. Also, if you are receiving paperless “eBills”, those will not be sent until further notice. You will instead receive a paper bill until this feature if reactivated at a later date. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and would appreciate your patience as we work to transition to a new payment system that is easier and much more user-friendly.

(Note: No refunds of payments made online)