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Water Main Flushing

Valley Elms
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We are scheduling to continue the flushing program for the Valley Elms subdivision on the evening of August 29th. Last weekend we were able to accomplish about 25% of the procedural goals. We could see very definitive results as the flushing was ongoing. I will re-publish the last notice in case anyone missed it. Hopefully we can make more progress to eventually reach complete area maintenance. We have men dispatched to perform water main flushing maintenance for Saturday evening Aug. 29th. We are making our best effort to minimize any service issues or dingy water. This is a purposeful re-directing of normal flows, and the discharge of the minerals adhering to the pipe walls over time. This may cause some dingy or discolored water for a very short time span. It is done to ensure the minerals do not build up and cause other problems later. While this is transpiring the water is still safe for consumption but may be temporarily unsightly. The most problematic issue can be potential staining of white laundry that is washed while the minerals are stirred up. We encourage you to avoid this, if possible. Common products such as “Oxi-clean” will restore any laundry so stained. If you experience a dingy water problem that lingers please let us know so we can remedy the issue. This maintenance procedure is beneficial to your water supply and quality. Just one more step we are taking to ensure you have the very best water quality available.
Water Main flushing is an important maintenance technique we plan on making a focus in the future. You may also contact our business office at 501-268-2481. The after hours emergency number for the Water Treatment Plant is 501-268-2705.
- Scotty Boggs