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Monthly Billing Change

Searcy Map
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You may have recently received a letter from us stating that there is an upcoming change to our billing schedule.
This change may effect the amount of your June and July bills as the number of days between readings will have changed slightly. Once August rolls around, the days between readings should be closer to normal.

To better understand why we have made this change, please see the map to the left. This map shows the city of Searcy
with the two different billing cycles highlighted. Our current service covers more than 11,000 meters, which means
gathering meter readings, processing the readings, and generating bills takes longer than we would like. This means that locations in Cycle 1 are usually ready to be billed by the time locations in Cycle 2 have their readings done, causing the entire system to take longer than needed. By making this change, we will be more consistently reading, processing, and billing.

Because the due dates will be split, we will have fewer customers in the drive thru, on the phones, and inside the office on each due date - meaning a shorter wait time for those in a rush to make payments.

By now, you should have already received a letter from us stating which billing cycle your service location is in, along with when your bill will be due. Cycle 1 bills are due by the 4th Monday of each month, and Cycle 2 bills are due by the 2nd Monday of each month.

You can download a copy of our billing calendar here.